My Credit Tracker

My Credit Tracker - services and support

Your credit report, whenever you want to check it

View your Credit Report and credit score produced by TransUnion, which give you an indication of how prospective lenders may view you. Get your credit rating from TransUnion and see how you compare to the rest of the UK credit active population.

Your Summary

We send your personalised summary, with all your alerts and your current credit score, together with guidance on how you may be able to improve it. Your summary will show monthly credit scores from the last period so you can see how it has changed over time.

Regular alerts to confirm changes on your credit profile

If there are any significant changes on your profile, we'll tell you in a weekly alert, so you can check that you recognise the activity. If there are no changes you won't receive a weekly alert, but we'll send a monthly message to confirm that we're still monitoring your credit profile.

Personalised credit guidance and insight

Take our online credit assessment to understand what's behind your current score and how you could potentially improve it.

Support from specialists

Our UK-based team are just a call away if you need practical guidance or help, or if you have any queries relating to your credit report or summary.

Help correcting errors

If something's wrong in your credit report, we'll give you guidance on the steps you can take which may help to correct any errors. This may help to improve your credit profile and your credit score.

Extra protection if you need it

If you're at high risk of identity theft and / or fraud, we can arrange for you to be registered with Cifas, the UK's fraud protection agency.

This alerts any Cifas member organisation dealing with applications for a range of products and services that you are at risk, and that they must undertake additional checks to verify whether or not an application is genuine.

Features and benefits

*Calls to 03 numbers will cost no more than 01 or 02 numbers from landlines or mobiles and are included within free call packages. Please be advised calls are recorded for training and quality assurance purposes. For more information, please see our privacy policy.
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