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Your credit profile matters. Lenders use the information contained within it to make decisions about applications you make that can affect your ability to obtain credit or take out new loans. If the wrong information is recorded or someone fraudulently uses your identity, this can adversely affect your credit status.

When you know the facts about your own credit profile, and how it affects your credit score, you can take action to help improve it or correct information that's wrong.

Your Credit Report is only one element of any borrowing decision and does not guarantee the outcome of a lending decision by any lender.

With My Credit Tracker you can

  • view your Credit Report and credit score produced by TransUnion, and understand what your credit rating is and what it means
  • keep track of changes to your credit profile
  • make sure your credit profile information is accurate
  • find out how you may be able to improve your credit rating and credit score

My Credit Tracker provides your latest credit profile information, together with support when you need it from our specialist advisers.

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